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Make Your Perfect Festival Outfit with Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

June 14, 2021

Make Your Perfect Festival Outfit with Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

Festival season was cancelled last year, which brought a lot of disappointment to many of us music and camping fans. Our tents and festival outfits were relegated to the garage and the back of the wardrobe, respectively. However, many of the 2021 festivals are hoping to go ahead, and it’s time to start planning! Whether you have existing festival outfits that need a makeover, or you plan on making some other clothes into this season’s choices, Preciosa hotfix crystals are the answer.

Jazz up a vest top

Vest tops are perfect for festivals – they’re cool, stretchy to dance in, and easy to wash and dry quickly. You can pick them up relatively cheaply from many shops and stores. Using Preciosa hotfix crystals, you can transform a simple vest top into an item that will sparkle in the sun and catch everyone’s eyes. Simply stick your favourite crystals onto the fabric – it’s up to you whether you add sparkle to just the neckline, or go all out with a large and elaborate pattern. The crystals shimmer under lights, making them perfect for daytime dancing, or for the evening when you’re surrounded by fairy lights.

Add excitement to your bags

Attending a festival usually means taking bags along. Whether you’re going just for the day, and take a small shoulder bag, or you’re camping for the weekend and need a holdall for your clothes and equipment, you might as well carry your belongings in style. Preciosa hotfix crystal decorations will make your bag stand out from the crowd.

So many festival designs

Sprucing up your clothes, bags, and anything else with Preciosa hotfix crystals is easy and fun. Their size and adaptability mean that you can create any festival look you want. Carefully placed crystals in the shape of a logo could even act as a nod to your favourite band. The crystals are available in many colours – aqua, Capri blue, yellow, and many others – to suit all your festival needs.

Decorate affordably

Creating your perfect festival outfit using Preciosa hotfix crystals doesn’t need to break the bank. The crystals are much more affordable than Swarovski crystals, but are every bit as striking. If you’d like to access discounts and deals, you may want to purchase one of our wholesale packs. Alternatively, if you’re planning to display your new creations on a festival stall and make them for other people, a trade account would be your best bet. The minimum spend is £100 per month, and for this, you can buy crystals at the lowest prices.


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