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Great Home Décor Ideas Using Swarovski Crystal Beads

October 05, 2019

Great Home Décor Ideas Using Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski crystal beads are typically used to create stunning jewellery. However, did you know they can have other great uses too?

There are lots of ways you can use Swarovski crystal beads to glam up your home décor. If you’re looking to give the home a stylish, glitzy makeover, the right crystal beads can really help. Here, you’ll discover some great home décor ideas you can try out using Swarovski Crystal Beads.

Crystal bead drapes

One of the easiest home décor ideas you can create with Swarovski crystal beads, is crystallised drapes. You can either create full-size Swarovski crystal drapes to cover doorways for example, or you can simply use them to create decorative drapes which can be hung from twigs. Crystallised drapes can really transform a room, and can incorporate a wide range of designs. 

Crystal bead lampshade

Another great way to use Swarovski crystal beads in the home is to create unique lampshades. You can crystallise an existing lampshade, hanging the crystal beads from the rim of the shade. Or you can create a lampshade from scratch, using nothing but Swarovski crystal beads. Simply search online for crystal bead lampshade ideas and you’ll be presented with hundreds of potential designs.

Crystal bead fire guard

A more unusual way to use crystal beads is to add them to a fire guard. Used in front of a fireplace, these guards often look a little formal. By adding Swarovski crystal beads, you can liven up the design, softening the look for a more relaxing, cosy feel. It’s pretty easy to add crystal beads to fire guards. Simply drape them from the gaps in the metal. Again, you’ll find plenty of design ideas for this online.

Crystal bead curtain ties

If you’re looking for a simple Swarovski crystal bead project, why not create your own stunning curtain ties? The crystal beads can add a really elegant look to the room, even making the curtains appear more expensive than they actually are! You’ll just need some form of chain to hang the crystals from.

These are just some of the great home décor ideas you can create with Swarovski crystal beads. Why not take a look at our great range of Swarovski crystal bead mixes today, and take advantage of our wholesale prices? All of our crystals are sourced from the Austrian Swarovski factory. This means you can guarantee you’re getting genuine Swarovski crystal beads.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide