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Gift Ideas for Young Crafters

June 15, 2017

Gift Ideas for Young Crafters

Anyone who’s ever taken up knitting, embroidery, origami or jewellery-making will tell you that crafting is a fantastic hobby. Working with your hands and concentrating on something creative is a great way of relaxing at the weekend or after a hard day at work. It’s also a brilliant way of creating affordable gifts for your friends and family when Christmas or birthdays roll around.

Most important of all, crafting allows you to channel your creative energy in a productive way – something which makes it particularly popular with artistic children. If there’s a craft-loving little one in your life, and you’re looking for a way to help encourage them, we’ve got some fantastic gift ideas in mind…

Junior Sewing Machine & Fabric Remnants

If you know a young person who is dreaming of becoming the next Coco Chanel, consider getting them a child-friendly sewing machine and a bundle of fun fabric remnants. Junior sewing machines are designed to be extra safe, and are perfect for making simple items like cushion cases and tote bags. And remember – if you don’t have some fabric nearby, you can always root through your cupboard for old clothes that could be turned into material!

Jewellery Making Kits

Making your own jewellery is a great way of stretching that pocket money – and there are many different sets available, each of which caters to a different ability level. At Bluestreak, we stock several Swarovksi crystal jewellery kits. You can make a simple pair of crystal earrings, a pendant necklace or a pretty charm bracelet. These kits come with genuine Swarovski beads and easy to follow photographic instructions – best of all, they are available for as little as £1.99!

For the more advanced jewellery maker, there is our Jewellery Making Starter Kit, which contains tools, findings, and a large assortment of beads.

Decorative Kits with Swarovski Beads & Flatbacks

If your young crafter isn’t interested in jewellery, consider getting them a decoration kit that will allow them to make cute knick-knacks or gifts. We stock a Swarovski crystal snowflake Christmas decoration kit, which is perfect for making a stocking stuffer for mum or dad.

We also stock a huge range of Swarovski beads and flatbacks, which can be used to embellish photo frames, jazz up a pair of trainers or jeans, or add some sparkle to a vase or wine glass. Just remember that, if the crystal or bead application requires a special adhesive, it’s a good idea to lend a helping hand during the process.

For more inspiration, browse our gift sets and crystal and bead ranges. At Bluestreak, we sell all our crystals and beads in small, as well as wholesale pack sizes. We also stock all the tools and accessories you may need for your crafting session.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart & Guide

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide