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Fun Swarovski Crystal Projects You Can Do with the Kids

May 23, 2020 2 min read

Fun Swarovski Crystal Bead Project Ideas You Can Do with the Kids

Swarovski crystal beads are commonly used to create beautiful, luxurious-looking jewellery. However, they also have several other uses. If you’re stuck for things to do with the kids during lockdown, why not try out Swarovski crystal beads projects you can do together?

Here, you’ll discover just some of the fun project ideas you can do with the kids with these high-quality crystals.


Charm bracelets

One of the best Swarovski crystal beads project ideas you can do with the kids is to create charm bracelets together. Kids of all ages love to create things, especially things they can wear and use.

We stock a huge range of Swarovski crystal beads in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Some of the best for child-friendly charm bracelets include the Cutie Cutes range. The great thing about this range is that the charms can be clipped on, rather than secured with glue. This makes them safer for kids to handle and use. You’ll find a great range of novelty shapes in this range too, such as cute bunny rabbits and unicorn charms.


Cute key-rings

Another option is to create cute key rings. This is one of the easiest project ideas you can complete with Swarovski crystal beads. All you’ll need is a keyring – then you can secure a Swarovski crystal bead to it.

You’ll be able to find crystal beads to suit your child’s preference. From unicorns, butterflies and even carrots, to great value bead mixes; we have something to suit all preferences in our collection.


Glitzy bags

If you fancy taking on a unique Swarovski crystal beads project with the kids, why not update their bag? You could add Swarovski crystal beads to their school bag for example. That way, when they return to school, they'll have a glitzy bag to make it that little bit more exciting.

All of our Swarovski crystal beads are available in wholesale, as well as single packs. We don’t have a minimum wholesale order, though our trade account does require you to spend a minimum of £100 each month. This account gives you access to the largest discounts across our entire product range.

The above are just some of the fun projects you and the kids can create with Swarovski crystal beads. You can have hours of fun creating beautiful keyrings and jewellery. Take a look at our entire Swarovski crystal beads collection today, and see how much you could save with our wholesale packs.