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Do Something you Love, and make 2018 a Creative Year

January 05, 2018

Do Something you Love, and make 2018 a Creative Year

With January here and Christmas indulgence a distant memory, gyms everywhere are soon to be overflowing with people telling themselves 2018 will be different – I’ll get fit, I’ll be more proactive, I’ll be happier! But to really make 2018 different, you should do something you really love. Instead of following trends and joining the herd, why not get creative?

In a world of social media pressures and fast living, studies have shown that activities that help us cultivate present state awareness – meditation being the most well known – have a significant impact on our general mood. Another way of getting to this 'present' state is by being pro-active and creative. Instead of living a reactive life of email checking, social media updates and likes, put your phone away and create something from scratch. This has the effect of both grounding you in the present moment, giving you a feeling of agency in the world, and giving you a sense of accomplishment. It can be something as simple as painting, drawing, or even coming up with ideas for new products or inventions.

Here at Bluestreak, we are passionate about crystals, and we select our range with love and creativity. Not only that, but we also have a wide range of craft items that can help you on your new path to creativity. We all love beautiful things, but have you ever made your own from scratch – and then worn it knowing that it’s both beautiful and completely unique? Now is your chance!

If you want to get creative with crystals, check out our mix of flatbacks, both hotfix and non hotfix, round and shapes. At Bluestreak, when it comes to crystals, we have a range of products to get your creative juices flowing. We also have all the tools and materials you need to get creative – and best of all, plenty of information to help you on our website.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

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