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Customise your Shoes with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

February 14, 2018 2 min read

Customise your Shoes with Swarsovki Flatback Crystals

Give your shoes an extra kick with Swarovski flatback crystals, to customise them and complement your look. Crystals are a fab way to add a little glamour or rock n’ roll style.


Add glamour to your heels

Let’s start with glamour. Got a pair of heels that you want to add an extra touch to? Cover the heel and sole in crystals for a killer look. This will take time and patience, and it’s a good idea to practise before you begin. Firstly, check the material of your heel and sole to decide whether hotfix or non hotfix is best suited. Hotfix crystals work best with porous, absorbent materials, so anything containing glass, plastic, smooth leather, or textures with a waxy surface are best with non hotfix crystals.

Choose a crystal for your heels. We recommend round crystals in a subtle or clear colour that matches your heel, and are at least 4mm in size. Measure the thinnest point of your heel for the maximum size crystal you can use. Start applying the flatback crystals from the bottom of the heel, working in rows and gradually building your way up. Once you’re finished, leave for 24-72 hours to dry and set.


Customise your trainers

Try adding some rock glamour to your casual footwear. Converse trainers are a popular and very cool choice for adding Swarovski crystals. Cover the toe or sole – or both – in small, clear, round crystals. Since the white surface you’re dealing with on Converse is of a waxy consistency, non hotfix crystals should be used. We also recommend sanding the area a little first, which creates a rougher surface that is easier for the glue to adhere to. To cover the toe area, add the crystals around the edge first, then add rows from the curved edge only, slowly working your way in. We also love chunky shaped crystals in Pyramid and Asymmetric Square shapes. This also makes the crystals easier to tessellate.

For other trainers like Nike or Adidas, add crystal details along the tick and stripes. Match the colour of the tick or stripe as closely as you can to the crystal for a complementing effect. At a stationary level, they will blend in, but once you’re moving, the glittery effect will be eye-catching and awesome! We also love plain black trainers with black crystals to match, for a dark and glittery effect, like Black Diamond Swarovski.


Rhinestone embellishment service

Got a pair of bedazzled shoes you want to show off? Get in touch and let us know, and maybe we’ll showcase them on our newsletter for inspiration. Give us a shout via email, phone, or web chat. We’d love to hear from you!