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Customise Your Makeup Case with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

February 26, 2018

Customise Your Makeup Case with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

Sometimes having nice things can make you feel better. If you have the added bonus of creating something pretty yourself, it gives you that extra boost. Spruce up your makeup case for that special feeling when you have friends borrowing your stuff, or for pulling out your compact on the bus – or just for the simple pleasure of knowing you made something.

Adorn your compact mirror with some mixed loose Swarovski crystals. For shiny, non-porous materials like metal, pick non hotfix, but for fabric covers, it’s a good idea to use hotfix crystals. Our hotfix mixes come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so mix it up with Navette and Rhombus shapes in Crystal AB, or go cute and subtle with our Candy Land Mix of Swarovski Flatback Crystals, in various hues of pink and three different sizes and styles. Want to make a shape or symbol? Our Swarovski Crystal Medley Motif is a hotfix banding in the shape of a peace symbol. With a self-adhesive fixture, this easily attaches to your compact in a size of 73 x 67mm and has double-pointed chaton crystals. Easy and gorgeous!

Want to decorate your standing mirror? Create a Swarovski crystal border with non hotfix flatback shapes. Alternatively, take a corner and decorate with loose round crystals. But make sure you can still see your own reflection!

Now for your makeup case. If you’re working with a porous material, hotfix crystals are fine as they can attach easily. Add a nice detailing of small round crystals in three to four rows along the top of your bag or case, in a colour that complements your bag. Blush Rose and Crystal AB have a subtle, pastel effect with light-catching beauty, while Amethyst and Buttercup have a more dramatic look. You could also use a different colour for each line, and increase the size by 1mm per line.

Do you have lettering or an image on your case? Add in some tiny crystal detail. This requires precision, so make sure you have a good loose crystal hotfix applicator. Using this and working slowly, you can ensure your placement is precise and firm. Push down gently and firmly on the crystal after it’s applied, and make your way around the lettering, keeping to the middle. Leave for 24-48 hours to make sure it’s firmly attached.

To create your own lettering on your bag, we carry our own ready made crystal letters. These come in Crystal and Crystal Clear Moonlight, and you can choose big cool chunky letters – or slim and stylish in a petite SS6 size.

Got a DIY project you want to show off? Give us a shout and maybe you’ll appear in our newsletter, where you can find lots more inspiration, tips, and news from us!


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart & Guide

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide