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Create the Perfect Birthday Gifts with Preciosa Beads

July 11, 2021

Create the Perfect Birthday Gifts with Preciosa Beads

Crafting with Preciosa beads is a lot of fun and opens up many artistic possibilities. Once you’ve honed your skills a little, your creations will make great birthday gifts for friends and family. Preciosa beads are available in many shapes, sizes and colours, making them versatile and suitable for almost any project. Whether you’d like to make a necklace, a keyring, a sun catcher or a pair of earrings, you’ll be able to make a perfect gift with Preciosa beads.


Even people who don’t wear much jewellery often make an exception for a necklace. You can make a unique, personalised necklace as a gift using Preciosa beads. If you know the recipient well, you can choose beads in their favourite colour, or use a variety to create a truly striking piece of jewellery.


A suncatcher is a great gift that can brighten up any home, and Preciosa beads are the perfect choice of medium. Simply take a piece of thin cord and thread on the beads of your choice. The design possibilities are endless. You could either create something low key that goes with your friend’s lounge decor, or go all out and use every colour available!


Almost everyone uses keys, so a handmade, personalised keyring makes a great gift. It also brightens up an otherwise boring set of keys, and will put a smile on your friend’s face every time they pick it up. The beauty of this gift is that the keyring could be any colour or shape, providing it isn’t too large and is still fit for purpose.


Preciosa crystal earrings are perfect for anyone who likes a bit of sparkle in their life. Whether you choose to make subtle drops or more elaborate dangly earrings, you’ll find the perfect beads to create something your friend or family member will love. The best thing about this birthday gift is that it will be truly unique – nobody else in the world will have the same pair of earrings.

If you enjoy making birthday gifts for those close to you, and plan to do it often, you might consider purchasing one of our Preciosa bead wholesale packs. These will generally work out better value for you. And if you’re planning to make birthday gifts professionally, on commission, signing up for a trade account with us will give you access to the best deals and discounts.


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