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Create a Great Dance Costume with Preciosa Sew On Crystals

July 01, 2021 2 min read

Create a Great Dance Costume with Preciosa Sew On Crystals

Dancing is not just about music and movement. Dancing is also partly about other aesthetics, such as the dancer’s outfit. Creating the perfect dance costume is imperative, both for helping you to give your best performance, and for allowing the audience to get the most out of the experience. To transform – or simply add some sparkle to – a plain or old dance outfit, you may want to consider using Preciosa sew on crystals.


Spruce up a plain costume

Preciosa sew on crystals can transform a plain leotard or outfit into a stunning, unforgettable dance costume. You can create something that will dazzle your audience – or judges – under the stage lights. Once you know the theme of your dance or show, you’ll be able to decide on the style, theme and colours that you want. Preciosa sew on crystals are durable, and will stay perfectly in place during the most elaborate of moves.


Choice of colours

Preciosa sew on crystals are available in a wide range of colours, so you’ll be able to create exactly the dance costume you need. Aqua, Capri blue and yellow are just a few examples of the many hues you can choose from. You may want to pick a selection of different blues to stay on a certain theme, or you could embrace a multicoloured, show-stopping look to really shine on stage.


Search for inspiration, or just go!

Creating stunning dance costumes with Preciosa sew on crystals is fun, and it’s instantly rewarding. Their size and versatility allow you to create an almost endless range of costume designs. For inspiration, search for ‘crystal dance costume designs’ or similar online. Or, if intuition and spontaneity are your greatest strengths, gather your supplies, lock yourself away for an hour or two, and get cracking!


Purchase your crystals for less

Using Preciosa sew on crystals to create new and inventive dance costumes will save you a lot of money on buying new outfits. Preciosa sew on crystals are very affordable. They’re cheaper than Swarovski crystals, but still every bit as good at creating the wow factor.

As a Preciosa Platinum Partner you can be sure our Preciosa Crystals are 100% genuine and our wholesale packs of crystals are at the lowest prices. If you plan to create a lot of costumes – perhaps for other people – you might prefer to sign up for a trade account with us. The minimum spend is £100 per month, and this account gives you the best deals and discounts.