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Beautiful New Swarovski Crystal Cutie Cutes Clip-on Charms

March 05, 2020

Beautiful New Swarovski Crystal Cutie Cutes Clip-on Charms

These beautiful new Swarovski Crystal Cutie Cutes Clip-on Charms come is so many fabulous animal shapes and on-trend themes and are perfect for jewellery, bags and key rings. Recently released as part of TIME TO SHINE, the Latest & New Swarovski Innovations and inspirations for Spring / Summer 2021. 

Get a closer look at the new range of charms on our YouTube channel below: 

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Swarovski® Crystals Size Chart & Guide

The official Swarovski Crystal Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide