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Beautiful Anklet Ideas Using Swarovski Beads & Charms

August 25, 2019

Beautiful Anklet Ideas Using Swarovski Beads & Charms

Looking for new Swarovski-based jewellery designs you can get stuck in to? Why not focus your attention on beautiful anklet designs? Even though summer is nearly over, anklets can be worn all year round, especially at parties and on nights out. So, whether you’re looking to create jewellery for yourself, or to sell to your customers, anklets can be a great option.

Here, you’ll discover a few great anklet ideas you can get to work on right now, using Swarovski beads.

The personality anklet

One great idea you can use is to create a charm anklet. Much like charm bracelets and necklaces, these can be used to really highlight your personality. However, unlike a charm bracelet, you’ll want to use fewer charms on an anklet to avoid weighing it down.

You’ll find great Swarovski beads you can use to create this style of anklet in our Becharmed and Pave collection. There you’ll find a selection of stopper beads, along with charm beads to choose from.

The multicoloured anklet

If you’re looking to create a stand-out anklet design, a multicoloured design is just what you need. These simply use different coloured Swarovski beads to provide a bright, attention-grabbing design. Of course, this style of anklet could also be used to represent and support the LGBT movement.

If you want to create this style of anklet, it’s a good idea to check out our bead mixes. These come with a variety of different coloured beads, along with different designs. You can buy them in single or wholesale packs too.  

The luxurious anklet

Want something a little more luxurious? Try combining Swarovski beads with beautiful pearls for a stunning anklet design. We stock a good selection of Swarovski pearls and beads, allowing you to create unique, stylish designs. Our Rondelle beads and shaped beads can help to add a more luxurious touch. The pearls can then be used sparingly to add a little elegance.

Remember, when trying to create a more luxurious anklet, you’ll want to focus on using minimal beads and pearls. Simplistic is the look to aim for. You can find inspiration for all types of anklet designs online.

These are just three different types of anklets you can create using Swarovski beads. Don’t forget, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a high-quality, stylish chain to thread the beads onto. When you choose Swarovski, you can be sure of the quality of what you'll receive.


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