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Be Creative with our Swarovski Crystal Pendants

March 24, 2019

Be Creative with our Swarovski Crystal Pendants

When it comes to creating beautiful, personalised products, Swarovski pendants are great to use. Helping to add a beautiful sparkling effect to your creations, there are lots of different types of pendants you can invest in.

Here, we’ll look at some of the top uses for Swarovski pendants to give you a little inspiration.

Creating beautiful necklaces

The most popular and easiest way to use Swarovski pendants is to add them to necklaces. There are so many different designs to choose from, meaning you can create any style of necklace you like. You could even use them to create a charm necklace.

Charm necklaces are a great alternative to charm bracelets. The Swarovski Pave pendants collection is especially well suited for creating charm necklaces. You’ll find all kinds of designs from glitzy love hearts to crosses and dragonflies. The designer collection is also worth checking out if you are thinking of creating a charm necklace.

Whichever style necklace you do choose to make, Swarovski pendants can really help you to produce beautiful, high-quality pieces.

Adding personality to your bracelets

Although Swarovski pendants are largely used in necklace designs, they can be used sparingly to add personality to a charm bracelet. Just be aware that they do drop down a little so when attached to bracelets, they will dangle down and rub against the wrist. If you don’t mind this, adding the odd pendant to a charm bracelet can really increase its character and personalisation.

Beautiful keychains

Another use for Swarovski pendants is to add them to keychains. You could also add them to your wallet, adding a subtle yet beautiful personalised element. You’ll just need one or two pendants, then attach them to your keychain. Simple as that!

Of course, you could also choose to create Swarovski pendant keychains to sell to customers. If you do decide to sell them, it’s a good idea to invest in wholesale packs as these will save you a significant amount of money. Selling these beautiful Swarovski pendant keychains will make you a surprisingly good additional little income.

These are just some of the top uses for Swarovski pendants. They can be used in numerous ways and their quality ensures you end up with beautiful designs. Just make sure you’re using high quality tools and accessories; especially if you’re looking to sell the products you create. You’ll find all of the tools and accessories you need in our online store.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

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