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Add Elegance To Your Nail Designs With Swarovski Pearls

August 19, 2019 2 min read

Add Elegance to Your Nail Designs with Swarovski Pearls

Looking to try something new to bling up those nails? Swarovski pearls could be exactly what you need. These exquisite pearls look and feel just like the real thing, only they’re sold at a much more affordable price tag.

Here, you’ll discover some of the benefits of using Swarovski pearls in your nail designs.


Constructed with an innovative coating

Swarovski pearls have been constructed with an innovative coating. This means they look strikingly realistic. The coating provides a beautiful silky-smooth finish, adding a real sense of elegance to your nail designs.

This amazing coating also helps to protect the pearls from wear and tear. This is definitely an advantage, as when worn on the nails they are going to be exposed to the elements on a regular basis. So, if you’re looking for elegant yet durable nail accessories, Swarovski pearls are a great choice.


Available in a choice of unique designs

You’ll find there are a number of design options available when you buy Swarovski pearls for nails. As well as traditional looking round pearls, we also stock various designs such as nail framed pearls, 3D style pearls and even square shaped pearls for those looking for something really unique.

We particularly recommend investing in our pearl mix packs. These consist of different coloured pearls for nails, along with options in several different sizes. Each pack includes a staggering 240 different Swarovski pearls. This makes them great for those looking to use the pearls in professional nail art designs via their business.


Enabling you to create unique nail art

While Swarovski crystals remain the most popular style of nail art, pearls are a fantastic alternative. They provide a very unique look, helping you to really set your nail art designs apart. This is an especially great benefit for those creating nail designs as part of their business. You can use Swarovski pearls to give your clients something your competitors don’t.


Purchase in single or wholesale packs

When you’re looking to purchase Swarovski pearls, you’ll find we offer them in single and wholesale packs. Anybody can benefit from our wholesale pack discounts. However, if you want the biggest savings, you’ll find our trade wholesale account is the best option. This does require you to spend a minimum amount each month, but its savings available are fantastic.

Overall, if you’re looking to create elegant, unique nail art designs, Swarovski pearls can really help. Take a look at our full pearl collection to see just how beautiful the designs are.