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3 Ways to Enhance the Home with Swarovski Bicone Beads

July 18, 2019

3 Ways to Enhance the Home with Swarovski Bicone Beads

Swarovski Bicone beads are largely used to create jewellery. However, did you know you can use them in your home decor too?

If you’re looking for a unique way to use these beads, there are several ways you can use them around the home. Here, you’ll discover just 3 ways to enhance the home with Swarovski Bicone beads.

  1. Give your glasses a unique makeover

Why not glam up your homeware with Swarovski Bicone beads? Drinking glasses are one of the easiest items to crystallise. You can either glue Bicone beads around the rim, a little further down from where you’d drink from, or create more intricate designs in the centre of the glasses.

You will need a good adhesive for this, and you can find design ideas easily online. You can crystallise any drinking glasses for a quick and simple Swarovski DIY idea.

  1. Create beaded pillows or cushions

The great thing about Swarovski Bicone beads, is that they can be applied in numerous ways. You can sew the beads onto fabrics, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your home furnishings.

Why not give your pillows or cushions a glitzy makeover? Simply add Bicone beads around the edges of the pillows or cushions, giving them a subtle yet luxurious look. Or, like the glasses, you could look for more intricate design ideas. Take a look online for Bicone bead cushion ideas and you should be presented with lots of great design ideas.

  1. Glam lampshades

Another home décor idea for using Swarovski Bicone beads, is adding them to lampshades. Whether it’s a table lamp, or ceiling lampshades, it’s possible to use Bicone beads to give them a more dimensional look. Like the pillows or cushions, you can sew the beads onto the lampshade, guaranteeing they’ll stay there as long as you want them to.

These are just a small selection of ideas you can use to get more out of your Swarovski Bicone beads around the home. The beads are incredibly versatile and at Bluestreak Crystals we offer a huge selection of designs. We stock our Bicone beads directly from the Swarovski factory in Austria. So, you know you’re getting the best quality.

Check out our full range of Swarovski Bicone beads today. If you don’t see a style or design you’re looking for, contact us and if Swarovski have them, we’ll be able to source them for you.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

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