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3 Jewellery Ideas You Can Create with Swarovski Pendants

July 15, 2019

3 Jewellery Ideas You Can Create with Swarovski Pendants

Swarovski pendants are incredibly versatile. You can use them to create a wide range of different jewelry. So, if you’re looking for inspiration on new designs to create with your Swarovski pendants, you won’t find it difficult to find new ideas.

To get you started, here you’ll discover 3 jewellery ideas you can create with Swarovski pendants.

  1. Drop earrings

You can create beautiful drop earrings using Swarovski pendants. The Pave pendants are particularly well suited to drop earring designs. For a more elegant and glamorous pair of drop earrings, you could use the Swarovski Pave Teardrop pendants in either gold or silver. Or, you could create more unique styled earrings using pendants such as the Swarovksi Pave Infinity pendant.

Whatever style you’re hoping to create, the Swarovski Pave pendants are a great options. Or, why not consider the Xilion Heart pendants? These beautiful glistening hearts are also available in a wide variety of colours and can help to create elegant, stylish drop earrings.

  1. Charm bracelets

One of the easiest types of jewellery to create with Swarovski pendants is charm bracelets. Although pendants are typically best used for necklace creations, they can provide a unique look to charm bracelets too. You could either create your own charm bracelet, or one for friends and family. Or, why not start selling your unique creations?

All you need is a good material to use to attach the pendants to. Then, you can combine Swarovski pendants and beads to create a starter charm bracelet. You can sell these to your customers, and they can add to them as they see fit.

  1. Stylish, elegant necklaces

Another great idea is to use Swarovski pendants to create stylish, elegant necklaces. You have a lot of control over the design of the necklace due to the sheer number of pendants available. The Xilion Hearts are great for subtle, elegant designs. The Pave pendants are great for those looking to create more unique, high-end necklaces. Then you have the Briolette pendants which add real sparkle to the necklace.

If you carry out a quick online search, you’ll be able to find hundreds of design ideas for Swarovski pendants jewellery. Simply search for Swarovski pendants necklaces, earrings or bracelets and you’ll be presented with tonnes of ideas you can use.

Browse our full range of Swarovski pendants today. Sourced from the Swarovski factory, these pendants are 100% genuine and they’re available in both single and wholesale packs.


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